All of this is dependent upon having four key areas of excellence known as LAPS:

Lead Generation

Getting potential clients to signal their interest and engage with marketing efforts. 

Appointment Setting

Getting the right people to dedicate time to discussing their needs and wants. 

Presentation Skills

Delivering a thoughtful and inspiring demonstration of the value you can offer. 

Sales Management

Completing sales on clear terms or following up in a considerate and welcomed way.

OK, I’m ready - I want to know my score!

What will I get?

The LAPS Method and this scorecard has been developed by a team of award winning marketers and sales leaders. The creators of this scorecard include best-selling business authors, senior executives of the world’s fastest growing brands and highly-successful entrepreneurs. 

The four skills are easy to improve when you can identify and benchmark your current performance. A smart business can then identify the easiest and cheapest ways to dramatically improve sales and marketing performance.

We ask 33 rapid-fire questions about your sales and marketing approach. From there, our algorithms produce a unique scorecard and a 13 page custom report on how you can improve your results quickly and easily.

Take me to the test now!

Is this for me?

This scorecard will allow you to zone in on the strategies that would most impact your sales and marketing results. Suitable for 

  • Businesses selling services. 
  • Complex sales such as IT, Security, 
  • Solution selling 
  • Experts, Consultants, Trainers, Speakers, Authors

Daniel Priestley - We run our weekly performance meetings around the LAPS method. It’s worth measuring and improving these four things. 

Antoinette Oglethorpe - When selling an intangible product, the LAPS method is perfectly suited for ramping up performance. 

Who we are

We’re ScoreApp

The Future of Lead Generation, the ScoreApp platform enables you to create branded scorecards like this one that prospects complete on your website. 
Your prospect answers a set of questions that you write, they then get a personalised report based on the answers given, and you get rich data to enable you to personalise your follow-up and marketing.

This scorecard is meant as a demo for the ScoreApp platform but also to provide genuine value to your business based on the LAPS methodology

This completely free tool offered more clarity and value than a 1-on-1 coaching session I had with a £250 per hour marketing consultant!

Mark Purdy, Managing Director